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In the Season 1 finale, Pretty Little Liars channeled Hitchcock's classic film Vertigo. Since Hitchcock was know for his mastery of suspense, the reference seemed very apt, and the episode was absolutely chilling.

According to Zap2it, the tradition will continue in the Season 2 finale, with a reference to Hitchcock's most famous film, Psycho.

"It's a lot of fun," Marlene told Zap2it.  While we doubt anyone will be (spoiler alert!) stabbed to death in the shower a la the original, Marlene says "there is a shower a creepy motel."

Somehow, we think it's going to be less cute than the last Pretty Little Liars shower scene...

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Be sure to tune in for the next episode of Pretty Little Liars on Monday, January 9 at 8 pm ET/PT on ABC Family.

Source: Zap2it