Credit: Ashley Benson's Instagram Photo: Ashley Benson Shows Skin

Ashley Benson (Hanna) may have had a raunchy threesome in a pool for Spring Breakers, but what she did in a recent Instagram photo totally surpasses that on the nast-o-meter.

The Pretty Little Liars actress posted this photo yesterday (May 7), showing off a her peeled skin. "Yes guys. That's my skin. #sunburn," Ashley wrote. Excuse us, while we tend to our gag reflexes.

As for why Ashley is so sunshine happy? For starters, she was just soaking up that Vitamin D in Mexico last week, during a short break from filming PLL Season 4. Plus, with springtime in full force in Los Angeles, we're sure Ash is finding some time to lay out.

What do you think of the TMI photo? Is it simply hilarious, or totally gross? Weigh in below!

Pretty Little Liars
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