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As we mentioned yesterday, Pretty Little Liars star Keegan Allen (Toby Cavanaugh) recently tweeted an apparent love message at singer Taylor Swift. So what was the deal with that?

In a recent interview with Cambio, Keegan explained that he actually met Taylor at the Teen Choice Awards this year, and told her he wants to play music with her.

"I wrote, like, 'hey let's play music some time' on a piece of tissue paper with some girl's eyeliner because I didn't have a pen and paper on me," he explained. "I'm sure she looked at it and was like, 'why are you handing me a dirty napkin?'"

But that doesn't mean he expects his Twitter message to make it all better. Instead, he admitted that he tweeted it, "Mainly because I love trolling the internet. I love it. And I think that more people in these situations need to troll the internet."

Is it wrong that this just makes us like him more?

Check out Keegan's full explanation here.

Source: Cambio

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