Credit: ABC Family

If Lucy Hale (Aria) is having a rough day, then we too are feeling down in the dumps. The Pretty Little Liars star is on a trip from LA to the Big Apple, but it looks like things aren't going so smoothly.

"Flight attendant yelled at me, got sick on the plane BUT I'm in New York so nothing can make me unhappy today," Lucy tweeted. Nobody yells at our Lucy!

Speaking of having bad days, the Little Liars are clearly going through a rough patch in Rosewood. With Toby being (kind of, sort of, who really knows) dead, the girls are worried about Spencer and her fluctuating moods. Find out more juicy details from the upcoming Season 3 finale.

With all of the crazy drama on-screen, we guess it makes a rude flight attendant and getting sick on the plane a little better!

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