Credit: Shay Mitchell's Twitter Photo: Shay Mitchell at Dance Class

Shay Mitchell (Emily) is an actress, a model, and apparently now a dancer. Is there anything this starlet can't do?

The Pretty Little Liars actress took to Twitter yesterday (April 25), showing off a photo of herself looking slim and toned in a dance studio. She wrote, "Andddddddd we're back!!! Dance, dance, dancing ... with @mrfranklin101 #werkkkkk."

Since we can't see Emily taking on a new hip-hop hobby on PLL, we're sure this private dance lesson is just for Shay's personal enjoyment. Plus, shaking it on the dance floor isn't the only exercise Shay has been doing lately. She recently posted a photo of herself taking an intense spinning class.  

Way to go, girlfriend — "werk" is right!

Pretty Little Liars
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