Believe it or not, running from "A" isn't the only way Troian Bellisario stays in tip-top shape.

The Pretty Little Liars actress took to Twitter over the weekend, posting a photo of herself suspended in the air while doing the splits! This does not look like the treadmill to us. So what exactly is our girl doing for her workout?

The caption on the photo, which was posted by "themarkwildman," said, "Tro Ian completing her 2nd hour of aerial in her 100 hour goal." It looks like Troian is using suspension to get super toned. As for how she feels about this new routine?

"Finally workouts are fun again... until i die," the PLL star tweeted. We feel you Troian! Maybe running away from “A” is the safer routine, after all.

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Credit: Troian's Twitter Photo: Troian Bellisario Works Out