Credit: Hulu Photo: Aria's Heart-Print Cape

Aria Montgomery’s (Lucy Hale) wardrobe on Pretty Little Liars is always unique and enviable, but even the greatest fashionistas have their off-days. Sadly, today might be Aria’s moment in the fashion crime spotlight.

We’re not sure if Aria’s cape and headband combination during this week’s episode of PLL (Season 2, Episode 18: "A Kiss Before Lying") was a complete success. The heart-print cape retails for $268, but is it worth its high price tag? There’s no doubt that the pattern is adorable (after all, Aria is all about love!), but the heavy material overwhelms Aria’s petite frame, and let’s get real: Girl looks like she’s about to embark on a sartorial ski trip.

Then again, Aria always looks beautiful no matter what she wears, and the colors of the cape set off her dark eyes and cherry-red lips. What do you think?

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