As most Pretty Little Liars fans have noticed by now, Melissa Hastings (Torrey DeVitto) has been pregnant for what seems like an eternity. We've gotten to the point where we're really suspecting there might be something fishy going on, because it seems like she should have had the kid already.

Recently, PLL writer Andy Reaser weighed in on the mystery. A fan asked him, "When is Melissa gonna have her baby?! It's been one LONG pregnancy!"

Andy replied, "Tv time is different than real life time."

And to be fair, Andy is totally right. Pretty Little Liars is in its third season on air, but only a year has passed in the show's universe. That said, Melissa has been pregnant since the second half of Season 1, which means even the "TV time" excuse is wearing awfully thin.

Fortunately, we're supposed to find out more about Melissa's baby on Season 3, Episode 3: “Kingdom of the Blind,” so hopefully this mystery will be laid to rest soon.

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