Credit: Ashley Benson's Twitter Photo: The PLL Gang Is Back

You’d think with all the PLL spoilers going around, someone would have let the “A” cat out of the bag by now. But for once, the stars of PLL are staying true to their titles — they are actually real life little liars. When pressed about the true identity of “A,” the the ladies have kept their lips, scripts, and Twitters sealed.

"All my friends will call me to ask who 'A' is and I'm like, 'No, you can watch it!'" says Ashley Benson (Hanna). But are there any exceptions? What about family obligations? "My family is like, 'OK, Shay, whatever. I thought we were family!'" says Shay Mitchell (Emily).

So if Ashley and Shay’s closest friends and family aren’t in on the secret, we can apparently rule out getting any answers via Twitter... even if "we" are celebrities starring in equally as huge TV shows. "I have Eric Stonestreet from Modern Family tweeting. He's like, "Just tell me, please!'" Lucy Hale (Aria) admits.

Case closed. We’re just going to have to take Ashley’s advice and watch and see...

Source: Nylon


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