Credit: Danny Feld/ABC Television Group © 2010 Disney Photo: An Early Cocktail

Tonight’s episode left us full of questions! Is Ezra and Aria’s secret now safe for good? And why exactly did Emily’s friends listen in as she and Maya got it on? (In other words: Awkward!) Read on to see who’s trying to get preggers and who might be leaving the show for good...

-  At the beginning of the episode, Spencer catches Melissa and new husband Ian whispering. Later, Spencer spots Melissa’s ovulation kit (meaning that Ian may soon be a father — shudder!).

- Hanna finds out from “A” that she’ll get her mom’s stolen money back if she eats a big box of cupcakes. She stuffs herself and then finds the money stuck to paper towels in the bathroom. Watching Hanna force-feed herself cupcakes was the grossest thing we’ve ever seen someone eat — and that’s saying something, considering that we’ve been to an Arby’s.

Credit: Danny Feld/ABC Television Group © 2010 Disney Photo: PLL Sneak Peek Pics: Season 1, Episode 13:

- Noel won’t rest until he gets a better grade on his paper from Mr. Fitz, so he prints out a new copy of it. But Ezra refuses to improve the grade. Looks like Noel made an extra trip to Kinko’s for nothing.

- Ezra now knows he can’t trust Noel — considering Noel already told Aria's brother Mike that Ezra’s been hooking up with a student — so Ezra meets Aria at his apartment and says he’ll resign the next day. They kiss and she says she loves him — swoon! — but before Ezra can resign, Noel is caught cheating and reprimanded, all thanks to “A.” Seems as though “A” can’t decide whether to be a bestie or a biatch!

Credit: Danny Feld/ABC Television Group © 2010 Disney Photo: Ashley Marin on PLL

- Maya is about as popular with Emily’s mom as Ricky Gervais’ monologue was with the audience at the Golden Globes this weekend. So when she finds a joint in Maya’s bag, Em’s mom gets her sent away to juvie camp.

- Emily sees Maya for that final, none-too-private tryst. And “A” sends the girls the video of Ali and Ian, where Ali appears to be attacked. (Sounds like Ian might not be Father of the Year-material after all.) Just then, the girls realize someone — probably “A” — is watching them, but they can’t outrun the prowler. Looks like "A" is doing more cardio than Jillian from Biggest Loser.

Another great episode, and we just hope this means that Aria and Ezra can stay together for a while longer. Meanwhile, we need a snack — anything but cupcakes.