Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC Family Channel © 2010 Disney ABC Television Group Photo: Hanna and Lucas Dance on Pretty Little Liars January 24, 2011
Tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars introduced a brand new hottie named Caleb! (Of course, the number of brooding bad boys on this show is now higher than the number of complaints that have been lodged against the show Skins.) But there’s nothing wrong with more brooding bad boys! So here’s what else happened this week...

- As the show begins, the girls discuss what should be done about Ian. Now that they have that video of him seemingly attacking Ali, they’re convinced that Ali’s murder will be easier to solve than an episode of Scooby-Doo.

- It’s new character time - as if there weren’t enough people on this show to keep track of! First, we meet Simone, Aria’s old babysitter who is now a successful writer and appears to have quite the crush on fellow writer Ezra. Then again, who wouldn’t?

- We also meet Caleb, who offers to give Emily’s phone an upgrade - for a price. In fact, Caleb keeps offering to help the girls for money. It looks like Caleb has really low standards for which jobs he’ll take — which could also be said for Ashton Kutcher. (Anyone see the movie Killers? We rest our case.)
Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC Family Channel © 2010 Disney ABC Television Group Photo: Ian Thomas Makes a Speech on Pretty Little Liars January 24, 2011
- Spencer’s laptop has gone missing, and she suspects that Ian nabbed it (since coaches have access to the lockers). So she swipes his key during the school dance and tries to break into his desk. Too bad Caleb is there to catch Spence. Caleb would be really annoying, if he weren’t so friggin’ dreamy!

- Hanna is getting paid by “A” to dance with Lucas and thus break his heart, but that isn’t the only awkward dance pairing. Aria’s parents dance briefly, but Ella is reluctant to give Byron another chance. And Byron’s like, “You cheat on your wife with one hot student, and suddenly you’re not to be trusted? What gives!”

- Meanwhile, Ezra and Simone continue to bond at the coat-check booth, and Aria practically freaks out. In other words: No, Aria isn’t the type to take a deep breath and count to ten when she’s frustrated.

- Hanna has brought along a flask to make the dance extra-fun, but Emily — convinced that Maya has moved on while at juvie — downs the entire thing herself! Emily ends up getting so drunk that even Amy Winehouse would tell her to have a little self-control.
Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC Family Channel © 2010 Disney ABC Television Group Photo: Hanna and Sean at the Dance-a-thon on Pretty Little Liars January 24, 2011

- Hanna might now be quite a bit richer after dancing with Lucas, but it also leads Sean to dump her. Then again, was anyone surprised to see Hanna and Sean break up? (Translation: They were about as compatible as Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett.)

- By the end of the night, Spencer’s computer has been returned, but the incriminating video of Ian and Ali is gone. All that remains is an ominous photo of Ali, taken by some creepy stalker on the night Ali disappeared.

- And then we got a huge clue! "A" decided it was time to go home and fetch his/her jacket from the coat check. Aria's mom was manning the station and yelled to "A," "hope you had a great time at the dance!" Now, "A" didn't yell back, "Thanks! I had a blast!" But we know that he/she left feeling accomplished. But what was with those huge leather gloves? Was this a clue that "A" is a guy? Hmm...

It was quite a night of bribery and heartbreak, meaning that we can’t wait for next week!