Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC Television Group © 2010 Disney Photo: Paige McCullers and Emily Fields Chat on Pretty Little Liars, January 31, 2011

Is it just us, or did tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars solidify that we’re now officially in love with Caleb? We know that this new bad boy doesn’t seem quite right, but we just can’t resist the guy (which is also the same way we feel about chocolate bars with bacon in them).

At the start, Aria keeps analyzing that photo of Ali on the night she disappeared. (Our assessment? Aria needs some hobbies.) Aria decides that a shadow in the pic means it must have been taken from Ali’s house, so Spencer agrees to talk to Ali’s brother, Jason. And the fact that he’s yummers doesn’t have anything to do with Spencer wanting to talk to him, right?

Spencer gives Aria tickets to take Ezra to a museum in Philly, and Aria is so excited to go that we’re wondering if she’s ever been to a museum before. (Translation: They’re kinda boring.)

Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC Television Group © 2010 Disney Photo: Alison's Bro on Pretty Little Liars, January 31, 2011

Meanwhile, Hanna’s mom has a sudden meeting with Mrs. Potter, whom she stole the money from. Gulp. But then Hanna gets a note from “A,” saying her mom will be fine as long as Hanna invites Aria’s mom to the museum to catch Aria. All we can say is, there must be an easier way to get a teenager to pay attention to a museum than through extortion.

It turns out that Emily’s swimming success is proving to be more of a burden than a blessing. Her teammate Paige is jealous of her success and makes threatening comments regarding Em’s sexuality. She also hands out bracelets to the team, which are the same style as Ali’s old bracelet. Looks like Paige’s bracelet is the world’s least-appreciated gift.

Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC Television Group © 2010 Disney Photo: Emily and Paige McCullers in the Bathroom on Pretty Little Liars, January 31, 2011

Hanna gets sent to detention for absences, where she sees Caleb. (What is this? The Breakfast Club?) She decided to give Ella the musuem ticket, but feels remorse and tells Caleb she doesn’t want Ella to make it to Philly. That’s when Ella suddenly has car trouble and Byron has to help her. Of course, it doesn’t help that Ella has a less reliable car than the one in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

In the night’s most shocking moment, jealous Paige holds Em’s head underwater, furious that their coach approached her about the homophobic comments (thanks to Spencer, who intervened) and that Emily replaced her as swim team anchor. Let’s just say that this scene made us more nervous about swimming than even the movie Piranha 3D did.

Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC Television Group © 2010 Disney Photo: Emily's Swim Coach on Pretty Little Liars, January 31, 2011

Byron apparently has a date that night, but he still offers to drive Ella all the way to Philly, where they kiss. (Ella apparently is greatly misinformed on how to tip your driver.) But miraculously, Aria and Ezra have a wonderful time at the museum and aren’t spotted by Ella, all thanks to Caleb, who messed with Ella’s car. Can you see why we love the guy yet? (Okay, so maybe it’s just the hair, but still…)

Spencer interrogates the old woman who made the bracelets (who is played by iconic actress Charlotte Rae who played Mrs. Garrett on the old TV shows Facts of Life and Diff'rent Strokes), only to have her say that it was Spencer who purchased those bracelets. That's clearly not what Spence was looking to hear. And Ashley goes to meet Mrs. Potter, but Mrs. P conveniently has a heart attack.

And finally, in flashback mode, we realize that Ali had threatened to go public about Ian and Spencer on the night she disappeared, and when Spencer chased after her, Spencer was the one who created that shadow in the pic. We also learned that it was probably Jason who snapped the photo, although he doesn’t remember it because he spent the summer getting high with Ian. Sounds like a tough life.

In the final scene, the girls look out of the window and realize that Jason is watching them! This episode was so stressful, we could use some fresh air. But we think we’ll refrain from going for a swim…