Credit: Ron Tom/ABC Family Channel © 2010 Disney ABC Television Group Photo: Caleb, Hanna, Aria and Spencer at the Swim Meet on Pretty Little Liars, February 7, 2011

Could Spencer and Toby be the next unlikely couple on this show? We’re still a little shocked that they seem to have chemistry, but us being surprised by an odd match-up on this show is kinda like us being surprised when we eat too many wings during the Super Bowl. (Translation: You can’t fight the inevitable.)

- The opening scene of the episode is a jarring one, as Toby’s mailbox gets smashed — yet again, we’re told.

- While rummaging through her dad’s pockets (because who doesn’t do that), Aria finds the museum ticket and is nervous that her mom saw her there. As it turns out, Ella skipped the museum, but Ella’s excuse for not having gone is flimsier than a cheap, drug-store umbrella.

- Spencer decides that tutoring Toby in French will allow her to share secrets about “A,” now that she knows what it’s like to be targeted. Toby is skeptical at first, especially because Jenna might see them, but Spence wins him over with a French-language version of Catcher in the Rye

Credit: Ron Tom/ABC Family Channel © 2010 Disney ABC Television Group Photo: Emily and Paige With the Coach on Pretty Little Liars, February 7, 2011

- Hanna continues spending time with Caleb (a.k.a., The Hottest Hottie Ever). He tells her he needs money and wants her to pose as his main squeeze, so that her rich friends will trust him. (Uh, we’re pretty sure that’s roughly the premise of the new Adam Sandler movie Just Go With It, which is alternately titled Jennifer Aniston Never Says No To A Movie.)

- Aria is suspicious of her dad’s evening plans, but she decides that it’s wrong to pry into his personal life. No, sorry — she actually decides to spy on her dad and follow him around all night. Sounds perfectly reasonable, right? Turns out, he’s meeting Ella on campus, and Aria has to watch as he nuzzles her neck. Looks like Aria got her punishment for spying!

- At school that night, Aria and Hanna get chased by Caleb, who has turned the campus into his own personal squatters’ village to avoid his foster parents. So Hanna then introduces her rich friends to him, and even lets him secretly crash on her mom’s basement couch. Uh, we assumed that Ashley Marin was a little spacey, but would she really not notice an extra tenant? But we're thinking these two might eventually get together. Because we all know rich (or pretend rich) girls love poor, homeless boys.

- Emily also gets an unlikely visitor when uber-competitive swim teammate Paige stops by in the middle of a rainy night. But then, Paige takes a tumble on her bike and misses their swim-off, allowing Em to excel at the meet. And Paige becomes Emily’s newest bestie and even cheers for her at the meet.

Credit: Ron Tom/ABC Family Channel © 2010 Disney ABC Television Group Photo: Emily and Paige Have a Talk on Pretty Little Liars, February 7, 2011

- Hanna eventually comes clean to Aria about having given that museum ticket to Ella, but Aria is livid. Hanna is in tears when Aria won’t return her calls, but luckily Caleb is there to comfort her. However, comforting Hanna was keeping Caleb from heading to the shower. So we’re like, “Damn you, Hanna! You’re keeping Caleb from getting shirtless!”

- Finally, Spencer — who is seriously crushing on Toby — has a rough episode after all. First off, she learns that Ian and Melissa are now expecting a baby. Then, Toby tells her they can’t study together, and he hands back Catcher in the Rye.  But Spencer realizes that, within the book, Toby has hidden a paper of Jenna’s that looks like a clue.

After all this new drama, we can’t wait to find out what happens next week — especially if there’s even a remote possibility of Caleb getting shirtless at any point!