Do you know what today is Pretty Little Liars fans? The month countdown until our favorite show returns! Needless to say we couldn’t be more excited. Around this time in January, we’ll be getting ready to watch the much anticipated winter premiere entitled "Moments Later." Although we only have a month longer to wait, there’s definitely a lot of clues to still consider. And with the latest tweets from Marlene King, you’ll stay plenty busy trying to figure them out.

The PLL producers are filming the final episodes of the season and King just revealed that Toby will still be around. First she tweeted, “I spy a Toby. How lucky am I?” We'd say pretty lucky. We’re guessing Toby got out of jail and Officer Wilden and the rest of Rosewood realized that he was innocent. So much for him being a bad boy. King also tweeted, “Toby is cuter than cute and in this episode you will get to see him shirtless. Damn!” Who's excited now?
Along with all the episode titles, King shared a line from Season 1, Episode 19 “A Person of Interest." Apparently Ezra will ask, "And you're wearing that dress because...?" and Aria responds, "I wanted to hear you say wow." Well here’s the latest scoop on this scene straight from King herself. “Ezria news, WOW dress was a hit. Ezra now knows something about Aria that she believed would destroy them but didn't.” Hmm what new secret could Aria be hiding? Did she hook up with someone else? And does King mean they'll still be together? We hope so.

Finally, the juiciest tweet of them all: “I love watching these two very different characters on #PLL find each other. They are more alike than they ever could imagine.” Is there a new couple in Rosewood? Did a missing person return? We have no idea what King is referring to, but we like the sound of it.