Credit: Copyright © 2010 ABC Family Channel Photo: Maya and Emily Get Cozy in Season 1, Episode 8,

Our buddies at Clevver TV had a chance to chat with Pretty Little LiarsShay Mitchell at ABC Family’s Rally to Delete Digital Drama, and she spilled the beans on Maya (Bianca Lawson)’s much-anticipated return to PLL!

“Maya is coming back. As far as how long she’s going to be hanging out in Rosewood with Emily for is questionable,” Shay reveals, “It’s yet to be seen. But yes, you will be seeing Maya in an upcoming episode, and there will be some drama coming back into Emily’s life. She now has, like, five different girlfriends. It’s pretty crazy.”

Wait, we were just getting used to the idea of Maya coming back to town, and now we have to be worried about her disappearing again? If you ask us, this hot mess has “A” written all over it!

Source: Clevver TV

Credit: YouTube Photo: Shay Mitchell Talks Maya and Emily's Love Life