Lauren K. suggested Katy Perry's new single, "Teenage Dream," and we must concede that the song totally fits. The controversial pop-rocker goes all nostalgic in "Teenage Dream," with sweet, twinkly verses ("You think I'm pretty without any makeup on") juxtaposed against a propulsive, euphoric chorus. We suspect that the lyrics — "You make me feel like I'm living a teenage dream" — are actually a pretty good representation of how Aria makes Ezra feel!


Marina Diamandis performs as Marina and the Diamonds, but she's actually a one-woman show: It's the fans who are the "diamonds." We love this Welsh indie-popster, whose quirky lyrics and infectious hooks have made her a smash success across the pond. Dana N. thought Marina would be perfect for Pretty Little Liars, and we think so, too — uptempo cuts like "Hollywood" speak to Mona's popularity-obsessed backstabbing!


Ryan Tedder is well-known for his work as Timbaland's muse, and as the songwriter responsible for megahits like "Bleeding Love," "Halo," and "Battlefield." But he's also a hugely successful artist in his own right as the frontman for the band OneRepublic, whose single, "Secrets," is like the pop-rock counterpart to the Pretty Little Liars theme song. Several Facebook fans would love to hear "Secrets" on Pretty Little Liars, and so would we!


Malwina W. recommended quirky Icelandic band Sigur Ros, and we think she's right on the money. In fact, we suggested a song by Sigur Ros' lead singer Jonsi in our fantasy playlist for Aria Montgomery! Besides the Icelandic connection, Sigur Ros is famous for their distinctive brand of fragile, ambient indie pop, which can be both heartwarming and creepy — sort of like Toby.


English art-rock diva Florence Welch has been storming the charts all across Europe, but she remains relatively undiscovered to American audiences — though you might recognize her single, "Dog Days Are Over," from the Eat, Pray, Love trailer. Leslie C. suggested Florence for Pretty Little Liars, and we have to agree. Florence's epic production style and anthemic choruses would be perfect for one of those wild Emily-Maya makeout scenes we're hoping to see more of next season!


Is there any pop star more divisive than Justin Bieber? Hordes of Pretty Little Liars fans advocated for Bieber Fever, but just as many fans were slamming the poor kid for his high-maintenance hair and sugar-sweet music. Pretty Little Liars leans more toward the indie side of the spectrum, but that doesn't mean there isn't a place for Justin in Rosewood — in fact, we think all of our girls are really just looking for somebody to love!

Credit: Photo credit: ABC Family Channel © 2010 Disney ABC Television Group Photo: Emily Catches Maya at Band Practice in Season 1, Episode 7,
The finale was a few weeks ago, but we can only blast that 2AM Club single so many times before we start to miss the impeccably curated soundtrack of Pretty Little Liars. Playing to both indie and mainstream tastes, the music was a highlight each episode. You loved discovering the emerging artists who kept your iTunes in heavy rotation all summer long, but we wanted to know: What other musical acts would you like to hear on the show when it returns this January? Our Facebook fans sent us their answers, and we've selected some of our favorites for your viewing and listening pleasure!