Aww! Aria (Lucy Hale) must really miss having Ezra (Ian Harding) at school if she’s willing to take a college-level course just to see him. Yes, that's right — Aria will take a class at Hollis College beginning on Season 2, Episode 3, “My Name is Trouble," as an excuse to be on campus more. We're told that in the class, she'll meet a new guy named Bryce, who’s an art student there.

But Goldstick explained that Aria won’t be happy with everyone she encounters on campus. Apparently “she suddenly finds herself in a class with someone who she shouldn’t be within 20 feet of,” which producers have previously sad is Ezra’s ex-fiance Jackie (Paloma Guzman). Plus, Aria’s dad will be there, which will probably be extra-awkward. See, we told you there would be a lot of drama at Hollis this season!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter