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The Pretty Little Liars staff love to keep us guessing about what’s in store next season, but we’re on a mission to beat them at their own game!

PLL’s editor extraordinaire, Lois Blumenthal, took it to twitter to drop six hints about Season 2, Episode 19: The simple words “wow” “unlikely” and “alliance,” and the appearance of “a sleeping bag, a photo & a computer wiz.”

Let’s break this thing down:

1. Wow: We could use this word to describe any episode of Pretty Little Liars. That’s how off-the-hizzle this show is.

2. Unlikely: Could this be a reference to a new friendship or relationship? Dare we throw out the idea of a Toby (Keegan Allen) and Emily (Shay Mitchell) reunion?

3. Alliance: Everyone’s in cahoots on PLL, but here’s to hoping that the little liars finally join forces with their boyfriends to take “A” down.

4. Sleeping bag: Uh oh, are the PLLers heading to the woods again, because glamping was so not as fun as we thought it would be....

5. A photo: Sigh, is Jason (Drew Van Acker) back to developing photos of Aria (Lucy Hale) and calling them “art”?

6. A computer wiz: This can only mean one thing. Caleb is back at his old tricks!

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