After waiting patiently for many months, the Pretty Little Liars’ soundtrack is finally here! The CD features 11 songs from the first half of the season, including artists like Brooke Waggoner, Katie Herzig, 2am Club and of course, The Pierces who sing the PLL theme song. However, Zap2it just announced that the album will include a surprise bonus track from the second half of the season.

Fay Wolf's cover of The Outfield's "Your Love" will be on the soundtrack and it’s an exclusive song that you can't buy anywhere else. You might remember it from Episode 14 "Careful What U Wish 4" when Sean broke up with Hanna and danced with Lucas.

PLL’s music supervisor, Chris Mollere, explains that the show’s music is “haunting, it's romantic, it's gorgeous, it's dark, it's kind of scandalous.” Expect some of the most memorable music from the first 10 episodes that capture this tone:

1. The Pierces "Secret"
2. Ben's Brother "Beauty Queen"

3. Colbie Caillat "I Won't"
4. MoZella "More of You"

5. Orelia Has Orchestra "Suggestions"

6. Brooke Waggoner "Fresh Pair of Eyes"

7. Katie Herzig "Jack and Jill"
8. Andrew Belle "All Those Pretty Lights"

9. Love Grenades "Genius of Fun"

10. 2AM Club "Make You Mine"

11. Matthew Perryman Jones "Out of Reach"
12. BONUS TRACK! Fay Wolf  - "Your Love"

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Source: Zap2it


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