Credit: Shay Mitchell's Twitter Photo: A Rainbow Over the WB
People say LA is fake. Too much produced glitz and glam, all surface, no substance. Maybe that’s why the PLL cast is atwitter about the simple beauty of a rainbow. It may be hard to believe, girls, but sometimes a little movie magic does make its way into real life.

@shaymitch (Shay Mitchell): Can't really see it but there's a full rainbow over the WB sign... Awesome :) We agree, very awesome. How many wannabe directors do you think collected on the street, trying to get that shot?

@lucyyhale (Lucy Hale): Rainbows in la! What does this mean! Well, we could get all technical, but it basically boils down to: It means it rained. What, do up-and-coming actresses get to totally skip science class?