Credit: The WB

Twisted, the gloriously emo new ABC Family drama starring Avan Jogia, has added a familiar face to its cast.

According to TVLine, Keiko Agena — best known as Rory’s quirky best friend Lane on Gilmore Girls — will guest-star as April Tanaka, a “bohemian grief specialist who heads up a counseling session for the students at Green Grove High.”

Credit: Nikki Nelson/ Photo: Gilmore Girls Star Keiko Agena Cast on ABC Family's Twisted

Those students will need plenty of counseling after one of their own turned up dead at the end of the first episode! The Twisted premiere aired after the Season 3 finale of Pretty Little Liars, but like PLL, it won’t be returning to our screens until June 11. It’s too bad — we’re already hooked on the teen drama that tells the story of a boy who returns home from five years in a juvenile detention center and reconnects with his two female besties.

The plot may sound a bit convoluted, but the pilot was chock-full of lovely character moments and unexpected twists. We’re excited to see how Keiko will fit into the mix. Until we get that Gilmore Girls movie, we’ll have to enjoy the Stars Hollow cast in other programs (like constant reruns on ABC Family), and Twisted is definitely worth watching!

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