Credit: Photo courtesy of ABC Family Photo: Detective Wilden Checks Out in Season 1, Episode 9, "The Perfect Storm"

Bryce Johnson (Detective Wilden) may be a California boy, but he’s all but forgotten that the beach exists!

"I think I've been to the beach once in the last two years," Johnson tells Zap2It. "I'm going to try and go a lot more this summer."

Oh, this summer, when he’s guesting on one new show and is about to star in another (Lone Star)? Somehow, we don’t think Bryce will find a whole lot of free time for splashing around in the surf. Especially since he’s scored yet another new role, too — the most important role of all. (Collectively: Awww!)

"I'm a new father,” Johnson said when asked about his swimwear preferences, “So I think I probably used to be a board short guy, but now I'll be a mankini guy to embarrass my daughter."

He was joking — we think — but we fully encourage Bryce to go full-out Borat. Really, though, no matter what he wears now, his daughter will think it’s dorky when she sees pictures years from now. Detective Wilden might as well mankini it up while he can!

Source: Zap2It