If Ian Harding (Ezra) showed up at your door, you’d be pretty pleased, right? That’s what he does in this video. Unfortunately, it’s part of a YouTube sketch comedy series called “F*** me, Robert Pattinson,” so his reception is less than warm. The main character, played by Caitlin Kimball, asks Make-A-Wish to send the TwiVamp to hang out with her, but gets Ian instead. Personally, we’d consider that trading up. Ian does a pretty funny performance of a vapid Hollywood actor, but his goofy grin is still more adorable than any vampiric brooding.

As snarky as she is onscreen, we’re guessing Caitlin was pretty psyched to have heartthrob Ian swing by her web show. A little digging suggests that the two actors studied at Carnegie Mellon together. Man, we wish our college buddies were famous!

Brace yourself for some seriously expletive-laden comedy and watch the hilarious video!