Bryce Johnson (Officer Wilden) may gush about all his Pretty Little Liars costars, but when push comes to shove, he does have a fave.

"I'd probably have to say Ashley (Benson) because I've had more storylines with her,” he tells Zap2It. “I've fallen to like that character a lot. But all the girls do a great job on the show."

It seems his character will have a favorite too — a favorite suspect, that is!

"He's definitely looking to the character of Aria because he thinks she may be the leader of the group, she's been away for a year. Who leaves right after a murder?" Johnson says. "Something fishy's going on there. But he's looking to all the girls ... If it's not one, it's the other. And if it's not the other, it's all four of them."

We’re pretty sure that this means Wilden will soon be unleashing his favorite investigative technique — hanging out in the kitchen shirtless — on each of the girls in turn. Sounds good to us!