Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images, Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Photo: Keegan Allen and Eddie Redmayne

We've had Les Miserables on our minds ever since we sobbed throughout Anne Hathaway's "I Dreamed a Dream" scene. So, it's no wonder we were reminded of our dear Keegan Allen (Toby Cavanaugh) when we caught a glimpse of hunky Les Mis actor Eddie Redmayne (Marius).

Between the brown hair, chiseled jawline, light eyes, and pouty lips, these two could totally be long-lost brothers.

And as long as Eddie is cool with joining the "A" team and Keegan is down for a little barricade action, we're sure these two would get along swimmingly!

Do you think these hunky actors look alike, or are we just seeing things? Let us know your thoughts in the reaction buttons below!

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