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Don’t worry Pretty Little Liars fans, the wait is almost over! PLL Season 2 begins on Tuesday June 14 at 8 PM on ABC Family and there's an all day marathon leading up to the summer premiere. We know this long hiatus has been hard, but trust us, Season 2 is worth the wait!

The next episode will pick up right where Season 1 left off when the little liars realized that Ian (Ryan Merriman)'s body is gone. They assumed he was dead since he had been hanging from a rope in the church, but moments later, he was mysteriously missing. The episode is titled “It’s Alive,” which makes us think Ian may not actually be dead, but we’ll know for sure soon.

As if that's not bad enough, the whole town will think the girls are guilty. There's no evidence Ian was there, so they'll be sent to a therapist to help them with their lying problem. Let's just hope they don't tell her too many secrets in "confidence."

Keep waiting patiently and be sure to mark your calendars for PLL’s return!

Source: TVOvermind


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