Credit: Michael Williams/Startraks Photo: Ronald McDonald Christmas Carnival

Growing up in Hollywood definitely has its perks. Troian Bellisario’s parents are in the film industry, so she was practically raised on set. But even cooler is that she's always had famous friends, even as a kid. The down to earth starlet explained that her closet pals growing up were none other than the Olsen twins!

Troian revealed to Seventeen, “Well, I'm really fortunate. I was born here and I was raised here in Los Angeles. And when I was 5 years old, my best friends were Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen because we lived across the street from each other.” Troian was the luckiest kid ever.

But what’s better than hanging at the Olsen’s house? How about getting to star in a movie with them! Troian played Kristen, one of Mary Kate and Ashley’s good friends in their hit movie Billboard Dad.

We wonder if Troian is still pals with them or if they watch her on Pretty Little Liars?

Source: Seventeen


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