Credit: Deano /Breedo/ Splash News, ABC Family Photo: Miley Cyrus vs. Lucy Hale (Aria)

If you're part of our world, it's been a brutal battle between Miley Cyrus and the Pretty Little Liars girls lately, with the bra-off, the belly shirt-off, and the short hair-off.

In today's round of fashion fights we're throwing newly engaged Miley into the ring with Lucy Hale (Aria). The 19-year-old wife-to-be was spotted in New Orleans last week rocking a floral, bell-bottomed jumper — a super bold look for summer. Also a bold style was Lucy's overall dress that she wore with high boots as Aria on the PLL Season 3 premiere.

While these trends are clearly different, they're both funky, unique, and summer-friendly. Which outfit would you rather strut around in, fashionistas? Miley's belted jumper, or Lucy's (Aria's) dresseralls. Vote in our poll below!

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