Which Pretty Little Liars star wants to be on HBO’s Girls? It may not be who you think...

Keegan Allen (Toby) tweeted at Girls creator Lena Dunham yesterday “I wanna be on girls...I want to be on them.”

Given Toby’s seeming betrayal of Spencer (Troian Bellisario) as a card-carrying member of Team “A,” Toby’s days on PLL may be numbered (more than anyone in Rosewood’s already is). So, maybe it’s time Keegan started shopping around for other gigs?

At the very least, he could go on as a guest star when Toby is off doing whatever it is he does on those long black hoodie trips away (We like to pretend he is off stocking an eco-friendly Hobbit hole he constructed for he and Spencer to escape to and live happily ever after in this season’s finale, but that’s just us).

Girls is a hot ticket right now. It won Best Comedy at the Golden Globes, and Lena took home the Best Actress in a Comedy statue for the show about four twentysomething friends stumbling into adulthood in New York City. It is known for its unique and frequent depiction of sex, which could mean more shirtless (and pantless?) Keegan scenes. We could get on board with that.

What do you think of Keegan’s self-casting? Would you like to see him on Girls? Let us know in the comments below!

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