Emily (Shay Mitchell) is a busy girl on Pretty Little Liars. Between Maya (Bianca Lawson), Paige (Lindsey Shaw), and Samara, there are plenty of beautiful ladies in Emily's life.

But which Emily ship is PLL showrunner Marlene King devoted to? Recently, she tweeted her answer.

"I will forever ship Ali and Emily.#kissoutsidethebarn," Marlene tweeted. That's right: Marlene is devoted to the memory of Emily's first love with Alison (Sasha Pieterse), which was in turns sweet, creepy, and tragic.

Of course, unless Ali is secretly alive, this ship is going to remain forever contained in flashbacks. 

As for Emily's more current love life, Marlene hasn't said what's in store for the sweetest Little Liar. However, Emaya shippers should be happy to hear that she tweeted, "I am honored to have brought Emaya to TV. I'm very proud of that."

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