Are you dying to know who “A” is? Don’t worry — we’ve got our crack team of sleuths on the case, picking up even the tiniest clue for your mystery-solving pleasure. Here are some hints from Pretty Little Liars Season 2, Episode 7, “Surface Tension,” that may help us solve this thing for good!

Suspect #1: Officer Garrett Reynolds

Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney Photo: Jenna and Officer Garrett in the Car on Pretty Little Liars August 9, 2011

Why he might be “A”: Officer Garrett bends the truth so much, he should probably try out for a position as the fifth “pretty little liar.” The fact that he lies with such ease, coupled with his access to technical equipment, makes him a top contender in the search for “A.”  

Why he might not be “A”: Why would Officer Garrett want to hurt the little liars? It doesn’t seem like he has much of a motive — unless there’s something we don’t know (which, admittedly, there usually is). Of course, Jenna (Tammin Sursok) could be egging him on, but would a policeman really risk his job just to stalk a few of his girlfriend’s enemies?

Suspect #2: Peter Hastings

Why he might be “A”: Things are not looking good for Daddy Hastings. On top of having a mysterious relationship with Jessica DiLaurentis and being generally creepy, Peter burned what could have been important evidence. There’s only one reason to destroy a murder weapon: If you murdered someone with it.

Why he might not be “A”: He might be a creep, but Spencer (Troian Bellisario)’s dad doesn’t exactly seem like he holds a PhD in “Plotting and Scheming." “A” would never be stupid enough to burn a murder weapon when it could be used to blackmail someone!

Suspect #3: Melissa Hastings

Why she might be “A”: Melissa (Torrey DeVitto) has been out of town for the last few weeks, but that’s no reason to clear her name — in fact, it just makes us think she might be “A” even more! Think about it: She was an integral player in “the Ian thing,” it was her hockey stick that was found buried in the yard, and for all we know she’s packing a hidden camera in that baby bump.

Why she might not be “A”: “A”’s strong enough to push a big beefed up bro off a bell tower, but we’re not sure Melissa would have had the energy for such activities in her delicate condition (assuming her pregnancy isn’t a sham). Plus, how would she have time to stalk her sister’s friends when she presumably spends most of her day peeing every five minutes and massaging her swollen ankles?