Credit: twitter Photo: Lucy Hale and Her BF Cuddle Up

Months ago we suspected that Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale (who plays Aria Montgomerey) and Alex Marshall, the keyboard player of the band The Cab, were dating and now we know it’s definitely true. They’ve been together for a while and Lucy isn’t afraid to share it with the Twitter world by constantly writing Alex cute messages, uploading pictures of him and revealing that she misses him when they're apart. We think they’re adorable, even more than Aria and Ezra if that’s even possible.

Credit: Twitpic Photo: Lucy Hale's Boyfriend Alex Marshall

Lucy recently tweeted this adorbs photo of Alex and her dog Jack with the caption: "cutiessss."

It’s clear that anyone interested in Lucy has to love her maltipoo too and we think Alex definitely passes the test. Let’s face it though, who wouldn’t want to cuddle with this dog?

Alex and Lucy joke around a lot and have fun hanging out. Alex tweeted: “Luce just threw a small circle type food into my mouth from across the room. She failed to mention that it was a “wasabi pea.” Oh no! But Lucy did it in good fun and replied, “One day you will embrace and love my exotic food choices. Until then…subway and sun chips for you.”

But the sweetest tweet of them all though is when Lucy posted this photo of Jack and wrote “love of my life…well one of them.”

The other is clearly her boyfriend Alex and we are so happy for them. We wonder if Ian Harding and Brant Daugherty are jealous though since they seem to have a crush on little Miss Hale.

Source: Twitter


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