Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC FAMILY

Pretty Little Liars ended Season 2 with a bang — possibly a literal one. In the final scene, the girls were surprised to discover police cars and ambulances spread across Emily’s (Shay Mitchell) lawn, and her mom saying that a body had been discovered, most likely Maya’s (Bianca Lawson).

If this is the “brand new mystery” the PLL producers had been teasing, we’re really not sure where to even start before Season 3 begins. For one thing, who would want Maya dead? The only reason for killing Maya would be to hurt Emily. Aside from “A,” who is left that hates the Little Liars so much, they would actually kill an innocent person?

We still have our eyes on that blonde in the red dress at the masquerade, who many of you suspect is actually Alison (Sasha Pieterse). Since showrunner Marlene King previously admitted that she ships Alison and Emily, we could definitely see Ali killing Maya to both get closer to and anger Em.

But surely there are other suspects. Tell us below!

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