Credit: Photo via Marlene King's Twitter Photo: Brant Daugherty Lookin' Hot

We were delighted to see Brant Daugherty (Noel Kahn) again on the Pretty Little Liars season finale, however, something tells us that his hot yet creepy character, Noel, is up to no good. The guy’s been MIA for weeks (will his suspension ever end?) and he suddenly emerges in the middle of the crowd after Ian’s (Ryan Merriman) been killed. Talk about suspicious. Executive producer Marlene King tweeted while they were filming the finale that "Noel Kahn is all smiles tonight." Why was he smiling?

Besides, this wasn’t the first time Noel’s stood in a crowd at the scene of a crime. During the mid-season finale, he appeared after “A” ran Hanna (Ashely Benson) over since he had been watching the girls in the nearby woods. Noel has a habit of spying, blackmailing people and showing up at suspicious times, and if you piece together the clues, he sounds a lot like “A”!


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