Credit: Bruce Birmelin/ABC Family Channel © 2011 Disney ABC Television Group Photo: Ian Stops by Spencer's Room on Pretty Little Liars, March 7, 2011

Torrey DeVitto (Melissa Hastings) hinted to Zap2it that two huge things will happen to her character during the Pretty Little Liars finale. We’re dying to know what they are, and how they'll affect Spencer, most importantly, but unlike most PLL secrets that get revealed, this one seems to be under tight wraps.

Torrey told PopWrap, “There are two big things that will happen to Melissa – one she’s unaware of and the other will leave you wondering where the heck they can take her next season. It’s huge and they can take it in so many directions.” We can’t wait to find out!

But even more shocking is that Melissa will “have to come to so many realizations after what happens to her. It’s going to be amazing. There’s a lot of questions and you’ll be left screaming.”

We're extremely curious what these two things could be, but we bet Melissa will discover that Ian is hiding something. Maybe Ian will even threaten her to keep his secret, which would definitely be frightening.

What do you think will happen? Share your thoughts/predictions in the comments.

Source: PopWrap


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