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Most Pretty Little Liars fans have come to know Ashley Benson as Hanna, a mostly sweet (if sometimes rebellious) high school girl who is fiercely loyal to her friends and believes in true love.

For better or worse, that image will probably be altered a bit when Ashley’s racy film Spring Breakers comes out in 2013. As Ashley tells HollywoodLife, “The character was so different from anything I’ve ever done!” She went on to explain exactly what she means.

Vanessa [Hudgens] and I had to play really insane girls, almost psychotic,” she says. “They are crazy. It was exhausting. I just wanted to go get my nails done, or hang out in my hotel, because things were so extreme.”

And she seems hesitant to recommend the movie to her PLL fans, reminding fans that it’s rated R. “I’ve never played anything like this character, but I think they’ll like it,” she says.

We know we will, but what about you? Are you looking forward to seeing Ashley in such a different role? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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Source: HollywoodLife

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