Did we pull you in with that headline? Don't be fooled: We're not really going to ruin it for you. Still, we've tackled some of the biggest Pretty Little Liars fan questions out there and answered them just for you. Take a moment to check out our answers, then add some of your own questions (or answers!) in the comments section below. But be warned: juicy spoilers ahead!

Q: Who is "A"?

A: Okay, this is by far the most popular question that we get on our Facebook page, and all we can say is this: Think you know who “A” is? Turns out, you have no idea! Just because you might know who “A” is in the book series doesn’t mean that you know who it is on the show. (Sorry to burst your bubble, all you gloating fans of the books!)

This week, Lucy Hale (who plays Aria) was on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show, and dished some major secrets. She says that she knows “who 'A' is in the books,” and that — in the books — “it’s a girl, it's Hanna's best friend.” However, Hale says, “We're doing it completely different on the show. I don't know who's 'A.'” So it turns out that Mona might just be the most wrongly accused suspect since Harrison Ford in The Fugitive! (Maybe the one-armed man killed Alison, too.)

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Q: Who writes the books?

A: The author’s name is Sara Shepard, but it looks like what she really wants to do is act. In fact, you probably know what she looks like if you saw this week’s episode, “The Homecoming Hangover” (and if you didn’t see it yet, then you’re dead to us. Just kidding). Shepard played the substitute teacher who replaces Mr. Fitz.

And she seemed like a pretty good actress to us — not that she had the toughest role. Heck, even we could write on a chalkboard for a few seconds while the cameras roll. Maybe acting isn’t as hard as people say! (Come on, if Ashton Kutcher can do it…)

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Q: What was the ending song in last night's episode... "Te Amo"? Anyone know?

A: Looks like everyone who’s involved with this show is a multi-tasker! (We’re getting depressed just thinking about all those talented people!) The song used in the scene where Spencer and Alex dance and smooch in the kitchen was actually a song by the actor himself who plays Alex, Diego Boneta. The song is entitled “Siempre Tu” and was also used on this year's season finale of 90210.

With acting and singing on his resume, it looks like Boneta could be the next Madonna. Let’s just hope that it’s a while before he stars in a movie that’s quite as bad as Swept Away. (But a note to Spencer and Alex: If you ever dance and make out like that in a kitchen again, Gordon Ramsay is going to show up himself just to scream at you! Save it for the dance floor!)

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