Pretty Little Liars proves that anyone can tell a lie, but it takes practice to do it with style. We've rounded up the best quotes from this week’s episode, Season 3, Episode 15: “Mona-Mania.” There were plenty to choose from, especially with Hanna assessing Aria’s hue.
10. Aria [about Mona]: “Maybe you should throw her under the bus literally.”
If Mona were to get hit by a bus, this would be approximately the 3,728th time that someone has been hit by a vehicle on PLL.

9. Hanna [about Aria having talked to her mom]: “Yeah, you look a little green.”
It ain’t easy being Aria.

8. Andrew: “Put on your Hastings face and spank her tomorrow night like I know you can.”
1. Nobody does the Hastings b*tch face better than Spencer. 2. We love Andrew.

7. Aria: “My teeth may actually feel kind of loose right now.”
Hanna worked at a dentist’s office, so maybe she can take a look in Aria’s mouth.

6. Ella: “Thank you for helping my freshmen to remember that TMZ is not the only source for current events.”
Uh, we beg to differ.

5. Aria [to Byron]: “We’ve already talked. No, wait you talked, I got accused.”
Apparently, Aria isn’t fond of one-sided conversations.

4. Hanna [to Spencer]: “Is being Queen Braniac really that important?”
Has Hanna never met Spencer before?

3. Aria [to Mona, about her video]: “Yeah, it was certainly calculating, but I wouldn’t call it trig.”
Speaking of math, Mona’s stories don’t really add up.

2. Hanna [to Lucas, about Mona]: “No one is sipping her cuckoo juice.”
Given Emily was poisoned earlier this season, it’s best not to drink anything Mona touched.

1. Spencer [to Toby, about Mona]: “This is not a prize fight, but I would like to punch her.”
Get in line, Spencer.

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