Credit: Danny Feld / ABC Family Photo: Pretty Little Liars Season 2, Episode 14: Toby & Spencer Meet Up

Here at Wetpaint Entertainment, we're hardcore Spencer (Troian Bellisario)/Toby (Keegan Allen) fans. We want nothing more than to see them rush back into each others' arms. We like Wren (Julian Morris), but Spoby belongs together (and Wren belongs with us).

However, after the girls failed to find out "A"'s identity in Pretty Little Liars Season 2, Episode 14, "Through Many Dangers, Toils, and Snares," we're worried Spencer won't let Toby back into her life yet. Even though the liars got "A"'s cell phone the stalker is still a threat, and we know Spencer is concerned about Toby's safety. We know that they do kiss again, but in the romantically tumultuous world of Rosewood, that doesn't necessarily mean they'll be officially together.

What do you think: Will Spoby get back together despite the danger, or will Spencer keep Toby away?


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