Credit: Andrew Eccles/ ABC Family Photo: Ashley Benson Shows Off Her Bikini Body in a Super Sexy Spring Breakers Pic (PHOTOS)

Ashley Benson (Hanna), aka the girl who's starring in a movie about going wild on spring break, might be having some kind of spiritual awakening.

"Wow. Feeling so inspired after tonight's bible study," she tweeted yesterday (January 23).

Before we call all of our pretty little besties, there might be an explanation for this one. Earlier in the night, Ashley posted a photo of herself in front of a man in white robes at a coffee shop and wrote, "Jesus charging his Iphone 5."

Either Ash is just making a funny and calling out her Jesus doppelganger, or the Pretty Little Liars actress is actually more religious than we thought.

Either way, Ash always manages to keep us on our toes!

Source: @AshBenzo

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