Pretty Little Liars

Season 2 Episode 9

Title: Picture This
Air Date: August 9, 2011 at 8:00 PM PDT

Tonight's episode of Pretty Little Liars had plenty of surprises — what else is new? — but the one we're most upset about is the apparent departure of Caleb Rivers (Tyler Blackburn). Is this the last we'll see of the troublemaker with the beautiful hair and the heart of gold? Say it ain't so! We're assuming he'll be back to the show soon, but that's the same thing we thought about previous love interests on the show, like Sean (Chuck Hittinger), Paige (Lindsey Shaw), and Maya (Bianca Lawson). (In other words, the actor who plays Caleb shouldn't get his hopes up!) Read the full recap for Season 2, Episode 9 "Picture This."

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