Prince George’s Nursery May Be Haunted By at Least Three Ghosts
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Prince George’s Nursery May Be Haunted By at Least Three Ghosts

When your home is an ancient castle, and your family’s been known to cut off a head or two, it stands to reason that you might see a few goblins around the place.

The Sun reports that Kate Middleton and Prince William are settling into Kensington Palace with baby George, but the Prince of Cambridge’s nursery may come with some additional, unplanned features: It’s apparently been a place where royal ghosts are known to roam.

Andrew Morton, author of Princess Diana’s biography Diana: Her True Story, told the Sun that the royal heir’s nursery is known around the Palace as spook central. “Prince George's nursery is in Apartment 1A of Kensington Palace, which has been a notorious spot for ghost sightings," he told The Sun.

One of the ghosts who has been sighted, according to Morton, is King George II, who died in 1760 from heart failure (believed to have been brought on by syphilis). Palace staff say they’ve seen his ghost by the window where he died, muttering to himself.

Queen Mary II, who died of smallpox in 1694 at the tender age of 34, is also rumored to have been seen roaming the halls, weeping for the children she never had. Caroline of Brunswick and Princess Sophia are other highnesses who apparently like to make their undead presence known.

According to Morton, "Princess Margaret's housekeeper told her she saw a woman in Regency dress suddenly appear in front of her then vanish through a wall." The biographer added, "So let's hope little Prince George can sleep peacefully in his cot at night." Yikes!

Of course, Kensington Palace was also home to Princess Diana, who lay in state in the Palace before her funeral at Westminster Abbey. If this grandmotherly ghost wants to roam the royal halls to check in on her grandson, who are we to judge? Maybe she’ll protect him from the other royal creepies.

Source: The Sun

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