Princess Diana Paved the Way For Kate Middleton as a Royal Rule Breaker
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Princess Diana Paved the Way For Kate Middleton as a Royal Rule Breaker

The late Princess Diana broke many rules as a modern royal mother in the British monarchy with her sons William and Harry in an attempt to give them the most normal lives possible. Thanks to her strong maternal values, Kate Middleton and her newborn son will enjoy a much more normal home life.

Kate Middleton just had her first child with Prince William on Monday, whom they named George Alexander Louis, and Kate will likely be adopting some of her late mother-in-law’s parenting practices as she raises her son and possibly (hopefully!) makes way for child number two.

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Diana’s first demand as an expectant new mother was that she be allowed to give birth to her child outside of the palace in hospital. Generations of British royal mothers before her had given birth in the privacy of Buckingham Palace, but we commend the princess for wanting a more “normal” beginning for her boys, beginning in the Lindo Wing at St. Mary’s Hospital. This was the very same location in which Kate gave birth to her boy on Monday.

Diana then decided to do something previous royal mothers like Queen Victoria had even called “disgusting:” She is believed to have breastfed. Royal experts expect that Kate will also do the same. While Her Royal Highness most likely will not speak out on her choice, she would certainly give One Million Mothers a kind boost to their cause if she were to openly support it or be photographed in the act.

Princess Diana Paved the Way For Kate Middleton as a Royal Rule Breaker
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"I'm sure she'll do exactly what most women in this country do," Daisy Goodwin, author of My Last Duchess told ABC News, "which is to breastfeed for two or three months. And then, you know, get some stuff and give them a bottle."

When it was time for Diana’s boys to attend school, they became the first heirs to the throne to attend public school. Since it is still early for any discussion of studies for the newly born Prince George, we’re excited to see whether Kate and Wills settle on a public school as well or opt for a private school. Although William seemed to push back initially when he was younger, we’re sure he appreciated his mother’s decision.

"Diana said to him in the car, 'Now listen, William, there's going to be a lot of photographers at your new school, so you need to behave yourself,'” said William’s personal bodyguard Ken Wharfe. “And he, in this sort of just William way, said to his mother, just below the pink cap, 'I don't like 'tographers.’”

Throughout the next several years that Diana spent with her sons, she made sure they were exposed to not only the duties of their royal life but also the fun and sometimes distressing things outside of the palace walls.

She would take them to amusement parks and McDonald’s, but she would also take them to visit homeless shelters and hospitals. This was her way of demonstrating to her sons what life is really like for so many people who are not as privileged as they, and why they should all do the work laid before them as public figures to build awareness and give back.

We believe that Kate takes her work as a royal very seriously, even though she didn’t grow up with a title. Princess Diana had been born The Honorable Diana Spencer in an aristocratic English family with royal ancestry. Kate’s parents have built a small empire from their business of party supplies and decorations. Kate is reported to have made more than 100 appearances last year, many for charities.

The parallels drawn between Princess Diana and Kate Middleton are very apparent, but we’re sure Kate will soon break out on her own and plant her name firmly in history as the royal mother who first did so-and-so, which is a total stray from tradition.

All we can say is that little Prince George is very lucky to have such passionate parents, and if Princess Diana were still with us today, we’re sure she would be the proudest grandmother.

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