Dancing With the Stars Pro Anna Trebunskaya Has 10 Baby Names Picked
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Dancing With the Stars Pro Anna Trebunskaya Has 10 Baby Names Picked

It’s getting close to baby time for two pregnant Dancing With the Stars pros! Edyta Sliwinska and Alec Mazo are expecting a baby boy in January, and Anna Trebunskaya is now seven months pregnant with her first child.

Anna recently said she was keeping her baby’s gender a surprise even from herself, at least for the time being. That means coming up with names for both sexes, which she has done. “I have about 10 names,” Anna told People. “I have about five girl names and five boy names.”

She could always have DWTS fans vote for the best name — we’re used to voting for stuff! — but Anna doesn’t believe she can name her child until she meets him or her. “I want to look at the child and be like, ‘That’s who you are,’” she said. “[My mom] had some names picked out, but she looked at me and she said, ‘No, this is you. This is your name.’”

Anna, 32, was born in Russia and told People she’d love her baby to have a Russian first name and American-European middle name, or vice versa. “This baby is going to be surrounded by my Russian culture, but I want my child to have an option,” she said. “The baby can have a conventional name that is more appropriate in America and have a full-on Russian name.”

We can’t wait to hear the name and see pics of the baby. Anna obviously can’t wait either, especially since the changes to her body have been so “humbling” and sometimes leave her feeling like she’s 80 years old. It will all be over soon, Anna! And then new humbling experiences begin.

Good luck to Anna and Baby To Be Named Later!

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