Dancing With the Stars Pro Louis Van Amstel Launches LVA Clothing Line — Exclusive
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Dancing With the Stars Pro Louis Van Amstel Launches LVA Clothing Line — Exclusive

Beloved Dancing With the Stars pro Louis van Amstel may not have competed on Season 16, but that doesn't mean he hasn't been keeping busy. In fact, he's launching his fitness apparel line, LVA by Louis Van Amstel, today (May 22, 2013)!

LVA, which is available through Sears.com, is a collection that offers awesome, stylish, and affordable activewear clothing for women of every size. Wetpaint Entertainment had a chance to talk to Louis about the collection, and he shared his vision for the line, which is nicely summed up as "I'm every woman."

"LVA is a lifestyle activewear line," Louis explained. "It's not just for working out. It's just being active. It's made in a way that it's very fashionable. You can wear it to the gym, from the gym, in the gym. And it's not for just women that go to the gym. It's for people who are around the house but still want to feel good. Any woman, any shape, any size, of any ethnic group, will enjoy LVA. Because that's my concept for the clothing line."

Louis said his goal is to provide options for women of all body sizes and fitness levels. "People Size 2 up until 8, they have hundreds of thousands of choices. People XL or higher up, they don't have that many choices. These are the people that I want to help. That's why I started LaBlast [Louis's dance based fitness program], and also LVA. To help people lose weight by wearing clothes that feel good, and make you feel confident and feminine, while on the [fitness] journey."

Louis probably summed the whole concept up best when he added, "I don't want just people that are in shape. I want exactly the opposite of what the CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch said. I want any woman to feel happy, feel good."

For those who missed the news, Abercrombie CEO Mike Jeffries recently explicitly said the his stores don't carry larger sizes, because Abercrombie only wants cool, "hot" people wearing the brand.

"I think it's ridiculous!" Louis declared. "It's absolutely ridiculous. Listen, the one thing no one can fault Abercrombie for is what they sell. To me, if they don't want to sell to people who wear XL, fine. Do I agree? That's one thing. But to go out there and make an official statement by saying 'I only want to sell to beautiful people'? Who says that someone XL is not beautiful?"

One thing Louis wanted to make clear is that the line you'll see on Sears today is not the full LVA collection. "This is the first test with Sears," he explained. "In our full LVA line we have seven colors, from extra small all the way to triple XL." However, what's on Sears.com right now is more limited. "Sears chose 10 styles from the 44 styles we have. They chose three colors. They chose small, medium, large, and extra large, and for two styles they chose extra large one, two and three. This is just to find out who the demographic is."

So, if you want to prove that Louis's line has legs, click on over to Sears and get shopping! After all, who doesn't want cute, fashionable fitness wear that appeals to everyone?

For more from Louis, including updates on the line, follow him on Twitter @LouisVanAmstel.

You can also look out for the collection in stores come fall.

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