Bachelorette 2014 Producer Calls This Year’s Men Tell All “One of the Strangest Ever”
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Bachelorette 2014 Producer Calls This Year’s Men Tell All “One of the Strangest Ever”

Recently, we speculated that Andi Dorfman’s Men Tell All episode might be a bit of a snoozer, with little to no drama to be had. Could we have been off? The special taped this past weekend in Hollywood and Robert Mills, a producer for the series, took to Twitter to announce that the show in which the men get their chance to talk will be “one of the strangest.” Oh yeah? Do tell.

Robert’s full quote on Twitter is “I can tell you and @RobynRossTVG can confirm, this is one of the strangest #MTA ever.” Hmmm, what do you mean by that, Millsy — Marilyn Manson strange or “Dear Lord, cover your children’s eye holes” strange?

The producer went on to tweet “Wow. Things just got weird at #TheBachelorette #MTA taping.” A follower then asked, jokingly, if the season premiere party crasher Chris Bukowski showed up to the taping. Rob’s reply? “Believe it or not…...yes.” We can’t imagine what Chris B could possibly want from Andi, since he coupled up and is still going strong with Elise Mosca during Bachelor in Paradise...

It appears our predictions of a drama-free Men Tell All — where a couple guys gush about Andi, a few guys say they don’t get why they were eliminated, JJ O’Brien wears some funny pants, everyone loves on Marquel Martin, and then they all go home — were way wrong. Robert gives us one final tweet from the taping that reads, “It’s intense right now.”

Ooooooh, we can’t wait.

What do you think went down at the Men Tell All? Give us your predictions in the comments.

Source: Robert Mills on Twitter