Did Producers Encourage Kenya Moore to Be Late to NeNe Leakes’s Pillow Talk Party?
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Did Producers Encourage Kenya Moore to Be Late to NeNe Leakes’s Pillow Talk Party?

Did Bravo deliberately set up the explosive brawl that took place at NeNe Leakes's infamous Pillow Talk party on Real Housewives of Atlanta? Whether or not Kenya Moore is solely to blame for the eventual altercation between Apollo Nida and Brandon Deshazer, it would seem that her late arrival to the event sparked the negativity that took over the evening.

Still, despite the obvious ratings motivation for producers, Kenya claims that she was not persuaded by anyone to be late — though she did admit that it was a known fact that she would be arriving fashionably behind schedule.

During her recent Q&A session on Twitter, Kenya replied to one of her followers who wondered if she was told to show up late to Pillow Talk on purpose. "No but everyone knew I had an earlier scene and would be late," Kenya shared.

So maybe the producers didn't tell Kenya to be late, but it does sound like they arranged the filming schedule so that she would have no choice but to arrive past start-time. Some might argue that it's not much different.

However, in a recent interview, a member of the production staff claimed that they did not orchestrate the drama: "For one, Nene’s erratic behavior was simply because she felt Kenya’s tardiness to her event was a devised plan for the producers to make Kenya the new star of the show and it was NOT!”

Do you think the producers were behind the Pillow Talk disaster? Share your theories in the comments section below.

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