Promo for Glee’s 100th Episode — Brittany and Santana Together! (VIDEO)
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Promo for Glee’s 100th Episode — Brittany and Santana Together! (VIDEO)

It’s finally here! We’ve waited and waited, and now Glee’s 100th Episode spectacular is just a week away. On Tuesday, March 18, the show will air Season 5, Episode 12: “100.” It’s part one of the two-week 100th episode special. And from the looks of the promo video, it’s going to be all sorts of fantastic!

All of the original are back for “100,” including celebrity guest stars Gwyneth Paltrow (Holly Holliday) and Kristin Chenoweth (April Rhodes). A few months back, Glee asked fans to vote for their favorite songs from episodes past — and now the top 10 songs will be performed throughout the course of the next few episodes.

In the video, we see a clip of April Rhodes leading the New Ds (new and returning) singing Pink’s “Raise Your Glass.” Later, Holly Holliday leads them all in singing a never-before-performed track, Pharrell’s “Happy.” (Curious about what other songs will be performed? We’ve got the full list here.)

For us, though, what really makes this video is the shot of Santana and Brittany sitting together in the choir room. Sure, the only thing we get to see is Santana making some snark about Will’s (lack of) rap skills. But Brittana is back together. And from what we’ve seen in spoilers... we’re in for some pretty epic moments between the two of them!