New Promo for Glee Season 5, Episode 2 — In-Depth Analysis: More Clues Revealed
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New Promo for Glee Season 5, Episode 2 — In-Depth Analysis: More Clues Revealed

Another day, another new Glee promo! On October 1, FOX released a brand new promo for this week’s Season 5, Episode 2: “Tina in the Sky With Diamonds.” As with all promos, there are a number of new scenes and teaser-y footage that give us a sneak peek at what to expect.

We’ve been keeping up on spoilers for the episode. Now, we’re breaking down the new promo — second by second, frame by frame — is search of clues about what’s happening in this Thursday’s episode. Take a look at what we’ve uncovered.

00:01 — Principal Sylvester wishes to speak.

“Good afternoon, McKinley High.” And then the shot immediately switches to the Funny Girl theatre poster. JK, guys! Forget about McKinley. We’re actually going to switch to NYC right now. It’s time to check in on Rachel (Lea Michele) and that audition. The announcer says, “Wishes have been granted.”

We’re not entirely sure what he means by that. Didn’t he see how Rachel bombed her chemistry audition? Or at least she appeared to. Maybe the British dude and the dad from Twilight ended up changing their minds? Because from the sound of this promo, it’s beginning to seem like Rachel’s Broadway dreams might not be squashed quite yet.

00:09 — “Power has been taken.”

Okay, now we’re back to Sue (Jane Lynch) in Ohio. “Hey there, butt-chin,” she greets Schue (Matthew Morrison). Sorry, guys. We’ve heard that joke one too many times before. Can’t she get some new material? Maybe it’s just us, but everything at McKinley this year is started to feel like a dry retelling of something we’ve already seen a couple of times before.

Now she’s insulting Sam (Chord Overstreet). “Ah, Samgelina Jolie!” Because he has such big, kissable lips? Get it? Okay, that one we liked.

New Promo for Glee Season 5, Episode 2 — In-Depth Analysis: More Clues Revealed
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00:12 — “All their wildest dreams have come true.”

Naturally, we’re treated to a frame from the Klaine proposal. Because, yes, Darren Criss (Blaine) asking us to marry him whilst hundreds of red rose petals fall from the ceiling is pretty much our wildest dream come true.

Uh...we mean he asked Kurt (Chris Colfer). Darren Criss Blaine asked his longtime boyfriend to marry him, not us, dedicated fans that we are. That’s what we said, right?

00:13 — Hm, Tina seems excited.

“Yes!” she shouts enthusiastically from the front of the choir room. We’re guessing this is Tina’s reaction to finding out she’s in the running for McKinley High prom queen! (Spoiler alert: She might just end up winning. But things may not end up all that great for her in the end.)

00:15 — And the winner is...

Yep, that definitely appears to be the case. We see Tina all dressed up in a jewel-encrusted pink prom dress, wearing a white wrist corsage, carrying a huge bouquet of pink roses...and yes, there’s definitely a prom queen tiara on her head. But with rumors of a Carrie-style situation about to go down...we’re worried that Tina’s beautiful pink gown might turn a deep, dark shade of red.

New Promo for Glee Season 5, Episode 2 — In-Depth Analysis: More Clues Revealed
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00:16 — “Are you gonna miss what happens next?”

Rachel and Santana (Naya Rivera) stand in their cute red uniforms, in the middle of a day of work at the Broadway diner. “We didn’t leave the warm embrace of Lima to have it easy,” Rachel lectures her pal. “We moved to New York.”

00:21 — Kurt got a job at the diner, too!

We recognize that black and red striped uniform from the diner dance number last week. Looks like Kurt got a job working at the same restaurant as his roomies! “Are you ready for me?” he asks.

00:25 — Santana’s in love!

We don’t see the face of the person who has inspired this emotion, but we know from Glee’s previous promo that the beautiful lady is none other than Demi Lovato’s new character, Dani. “I’m getting that stinky panic sweat under my boobs,” she tells Rachel, obviously freaking out. Rachel couldn’t be more excited to hear that Santana has a new crush. She lets out a shriek of joy.

Later in this episode, Santana and Dani will duet to the Beatles’s “Here Comes the Sun.” We’ve heard the song and we love it already. Plus, have you seen the photos? Dantana really does make an adorable couple.

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