Glee Promo For Season 6, Episode 7: Coach Beiste Is Bullied (VIDEO)
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Glee Promo For Season 6, Episode 7: Coach Beiste Is Bullied (VIDEO)

If you’ve been watching Glee for the past six or so seasons then you’ve seen a fair amount of bullying of McKinnley High students, but in the February 13 episode of the FOX dramedy — Season 6, Episode 7: “Transitioning” — the tables are turned as Coach Beiste (Dot-Marie Jones) becomes the target of some nasty bullies.

As we have learned, Beiste is in the process of transitioning from a woman to a man, and even though her McKinley friends, students, and co-workers have been supportive so far, it seems that not everyone is on board with Beiste’s dramatic change. In the promo for Episode 7 below we see that Beiste’s car is trashed.

“No one goes after one of my friends and gets away with it,” Mr. Schuester (Matthew Morrison) declares, though Sue (Jane Lynch) sees it differently.

“Except for me,” she says. “I’ve always gone after your friends and I’ve never not gotten away with it.”

Elsewhere in the promo, Mercedes (Amber Riley) kills it with her version of Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass”, sparks continue to fly between Rachel (Lea Michele) and Sam (Chord Overstreet) and Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine (Darren Criss), and so much more.

Care to see the drama go down all for yourself? Check out the promo below and tell us your thoughts in the comments!

Glee Season 6 airs Friday nights on FOX at 9 p.m. ET.